choosing joy.

life is hard. sometimes we tell ourselves,
"well, so and so has it worse..."
and we make ourselves feel guilty for saying life is rough right now.

a wise woman shared this with me the other day,
"just because your bad isn't worse, doesn't make it not bad."

we have to own what is ours.
if life is rough, hard, and messy right now...
claim it. own it. say it.
and then move forward.
then, choose joy.

these are the moments when you really start to learn about yourself.
you see your character develop. you train yourself for how to handle hard.

for me, its learning to let it go.
to give it to Him.
to daily, even multiple times a day, just say,
this is too big for me... take it.

there is nothing weak in saying you need help.
that you can't do this alone.
we weren't meant to go through life alone.
to figure it all out, alone.

society would tell us,
if you don't have it all together,
if you don't have all the answers,
if you can't juggle it all...
your a bad mom.
bad wife.
bad friend.

im going to tell you,
society is wrong.
give yourself a break.
lean on your family, friends, faith.
trust me, they love you.
they want to help you.
be there for you.
support you.
even if its just to listen to you ramble. :)

choose joy.

choose to accept that this is the season your in right now,
choose to allow yourself some wiggle room.
choose to smile at the blessings that surround you.
choose to rest in knowing that your not alone.
choose joy.


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  1. Loved this entry. Such truth and a great reminder to embrace the season we are in.Xo