wow! moving has really taken its toll.
but i am determined... to blog...
everyday this month! EEK!

i figured what better way then jump in with everything i got and get this puppy moving?!?

so... my first may 2013 post:

my birthday gift...

i am a sentimental gooshy goo... seriously.
i save EVERYTHING ryan has ever made me, written to me... even if its on a napkin.
i love memories and cherishing them.

want to make me happy in an instant... get me talking about my fondest memories.
things that can take me straight back to that moment...
[im starting to sound like i would prefer living in the past.. no, i just REALLY cherish those moments]

so i take you back to christmas.
i made an off hand comment a couple weeks before christmas that one of my favorite memories was dancing to white heart's : the little drummer boy 

[yes my parents have amazing taste in music!--thank you--]

that i can never find the cd... that i can imagine that some christmas in the future, sharing that album with our littles, cooking while listening to it... i hear it and im instantly brought back to the holiday season... baking cookies, wrapping gifts...

well a couple days before christmas, ryan gets one of my christmas gifts delivered in the mail... he comes out and tells me that he got one of my gifts but its not what he thought he ordered and wondered if i still wanted the surprise or to just know what it was... i LOVE surprises BUT i could tell that he wasnt too pleased about whatever it was he bought.. so i agreed we could both open ONE gift from eachother early... (he got his 5lb tin of danish cookies--in case you were wondering) and i...

i opened the sweetest gift ever...

i cried. yes i cried.
not because it was the music that this record would play.
not because it brought me back some of my favorite christmas memories...
i cried because...
it showed just a glimpse of how much ryan loves me.
of how well he really does listen to me,
when i babble on and on about my favorite things..
i cried because he was disappointed that it was actually a record and not a cd.
he had no idea that this would be my most favorite gift he has ever given me.

he was so confused. i dont blame him one bit.
most of you are probably just as confused!

no one will fully understand how much was wrapped into that gift.
the love, the memories, the joy, the excitement.

ok so now on to my birthday (four months later!)
remember that we have been moving into our new place,
ryan has been working 12+ hours 5 days a week, and we have a teething toddler.
all i wanted was a night that didn't involve screaming and unpacking!

the night before my birthday,
eden and i had stayed at my moms to help her with her packing up her stuff...
i got this text from ryan.

i love this about him.
he's not a big talker and isnt super PDA,
BUT he LOVES spoiling me.

He has always surprised me, in someway, on my birthday!
when he gets me gifts, he learned early on, i like personal.
things that when he saw them, he thought of me.
not the cookie cutter, husband to wife gifts.

so we come home and he has that goofy grin on his face.
the one where i know he's totally proud of himself and cant wait to show it!
he makes me close my eyes. picks up eden and then guides me through the maze of boxes and toys on the floor...
when i open my eyes, he has a cake (he made) and starts singing Happy Birthday...
just the three of us. perfect.

then he has me open my gift...

a portable record player...

you guessed it... i cried. like a baby.
so sweet. so perfect. so me.

we immediately ransacked boxes looking for the ONE record we have...
my christmas record. we found it.

and so we played christmas music on my new record player and ate cake!

now figuring out the record player... totally different story! HA!
my mom thought she was a GENIUS showing and teaching me all the things about records..

33, 45, 77... how to hold a record, what this button does...
oh!! it was perfect!!!!!!!!