** i wrote this in the car coming home from our new place... so it might be a little scattered-brained. i will have more updates and regular posts as soon as we get moved in!!**

God is so good.

The past couple months have been filled with heartache, stress, changes, and growth.

Ryan and I have been looking for a home since January. Everything we looked at was awful!

I started to panic. Get anxious. Cry in the middle of the night, where would we go?!

then, we found the dream apartment!
Completely gutted and remodeled.

In a great location, close to Ryan's work, the zoo, library... We could build our own garden. We had a balcony. We had a bathtub!!! The landlord was so kind and we immediately "clicked"!!

There were seven other people applying to this property.
We held on until the end of the week... when the decision would be made...

We didn't get the apartment.

He knew the business downstairs wouldn't be understanding of a toddler running around upstairs and didn't want any problems for Ryan and I. He sent the kindest email saying he would LOVE to rent to us, but he didn't have any units available. I asked him to keep us in mind if anything opened up.

I was devastated! Everything we looked at I would compare to this apartment.
It was perfect! Great location, affordable, perfect size...

Things got crazy about two weeks ago... We were trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, as some would say. We found three "potential" places: an apartment in a complex, a house near the river (and railroad tracks 10 feet from the house!) and another home that turned out to be unlivable by most people's standards!

so with the only option we saw that would work, we filled out an application for the apartment on a Friday and had her hold it until Monday... We were still uneasy about this place.

We talked to our parents, discussed our concerns and asked them to pray.

They all encouraged us not to rush in to anything, God will provide what you need.

So we decided to wait for a week and pray. Asked God to provide the place for us.

In the meantime, we asked the apartment complex to hold our application for a week while we prayed and asked for direction, and they said yes! (Crazy I know !)

The week went by and nothing. I was pleading with God, PLEASE PLEASE show us where to go!!!!

I won't lie, I was anxious. Irritated that God wasn't answering my on my time. He gently would remind me, His timing is perfect. That He has us in the palm of his hands.

I finally said, God, take this from me. I trust in you, lead our steps. I know you will provide.

Sunday night I get an email from the landlord of the apartment we fell in love with,

"Kate! I had another apartment open up if you and Ryan want to come take a look! If this place works for you I would love to have you as renters! I hated not being able to rent out the other apartment to you guys. I won't list this apartment until I get an answer from you. Talk to you soon!"

WHAT?!? I immediately called Ryan and started freaking out!! We made an appointment to go look...

Crazy thing, this place is two blocks from the first apartment we fell in love with. And this is a HOUSE! A yard! A playroom/office! a park two blocks up the street!
the river a block from the house! and all the pros from the other apartment::

minutes from ryans work, the zoo, library, market, shopping, parks!!!!!

We fell in love as soon as we walked through the doors! we both finally had a peace in our spirits. we knew we were home. so....

Today we signed the lease.

He is faithful!
and the really cool part:: we are just minutes from family!
AND we can take our time moving in!!

So for now, I leave you with pictures:::

if you only knew how hard it was finding a place with a bathtub!! 
and this is my most favorite part of the house!!!
the third floor renovated attic...
two sun windows that open! (with screens of course!)
they open towards the river, so we get the breeze and can hear the birds!

our first family photo in the house!!

ryan and i have a tradition when we move...
we eat a meal without anything moved in, on the floor, 
and dream of where things will go...
the memories we will make...
and of course lots and lots of playing!

okay!! two things friends!!

i need decorating ideas::
we don't want to paint the walls. 
we are making the upstairs a play room and office space. 
a garden outside in the yard. 
any fun ideas you got?!?

we are taking our time moving in over the next two weeks...
any packing tips?! 

thank you all for joining us in our journeys and adventures! 

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  1. Congrats! What a gorgeous place! Can't wait to see it again once you're all moved in.

    No ideas for decorating except a suggestion to get ideas from Pinterest! Haha.

    So happy for you guys.