i can't even begin to put into words the support and love that we have received these past few days.


my heart is so full right now.

tomorrow morning i go in for another test, to hopefully, give us some answers.
we are so very grateful for the prayers that we have already received.
please continue to lift us up in prayer over the next 24 hours.
i promise to keep you all posted.

i did want to share with you a comment that has really confirmed WHY i wanted to share with you what is going on with our little family right now.

*i asked her permission to share and am so grateful for the friendship i have with this Godly woman*

"Although I have not had a miscarriage, I fully believe that you have to love like crazy from the very beginning. I have friends that have gone through the devastation of that and are too scared to be happy for awhile during following pregnancies. Although, I understand why you want to protect yourself, you simply cannot. This is not a dating relationship in which you can "protect your heart". A baby should never have to exist without the full joy of its life being lived while it was within you. I am thankful you are sharing... it is good to have those rejoice with you and pray for you. I am praying"

wow. i mean... WOW.
right between the eyes i tell you.
her words spoke straight to my soul.
she is so truthful.
i can't protect my heart.
this baby is already here and how can i not love this little?
how can i not rejoice in this little miracle?
a mother's love is indescribable, but its there.
no matter how far along you are in your pregnancy, its there.
both of my babies.
i will forever cherish this moment,
no matter the outcome of the next couple days.

there is one more comment i want to share,
that i actually just received...
again, brings tears to my eyes.

"Hi Kate! So excited about your news! Just wanted you to know Pastor Dave said a special prayer for you and your family today during family alter prayer! Just wanted you to know we still are your church family and we love ya and miss ya!"

again, i cant begin to explain the love i feel right now.
this church family has been through a lot with us.
a lot of healing came from this "family". for me specifically.
we said good-bye a year ago, when we moved to PA.
but they will forever have a place in our hearts.

you see, this church family, this body of Christ...
they truly wrapped us in their arms.

i can remember when we found out i was pregnant with Eden.
i was terrified of losing another baby.
i had an extremely hard time trusting God.
believing that He wasn't going to take this baby away.
trusting that He was going to see us through.

i stood in front of the church,
sobbing, and for the first time, admitting I needed help.
that i needed their support, their prayers.
i told them how scared i was.

these people, who had only known us for a couple months,
surrounded us. prayed for us. checked in on us.
loved us.
they loved our baby.
they rejoiced with us.

i will never forget, every Sunday we walked in,
the love and encouragement these people gave.
and gave freely.

and when we brought Eden in for the first time,
oh the joy we had.
the remembrance of standing before this church family,
with the babe in our arms that all of these people prayed for...

to be honest,
i had forgotten standing in front of them,
sobbing, crying, and asking for prayer.
until i got that message from Lori.
that memory came flooding back.

to see how God has brought us through, His faithfulness.
thank you Living Hope Church in Waxahachie Tx!!!
thank you for continuing to cover us in prayer,
to continue on our little families journey!
we love you and miss you!

thank you for the reminder.
that He is faithful.
that He hears our prayers.
that even if the outcome is not what we might want,
that it is in His perfect timing,
that it is His will,
and that He will provide and meet all of our needs.

thank you Lord for this precious miracle.
for this little baby that you knit together in my womb.
thank you for the peace you have given us.
thank you for the love and support from friends and family.
bless them abundantly Lord. Continue to guide us.
give us wisdom, peace, clarity, and strength in the days to come.
protect us and place a hedge of protection over our family and this child.
in Jesus name. Amen.