why hello.
yes its been a while.
surprise surprise... not really.
y'all know thats how i roll...

things have been changing around these parts.
little changes. big changes.
easy changes. hard changes.

a word evokes joy and excitement with some people.
fear and an escalating heart-beat with others.
im the latter of those. i do not do well with change.

im a texas gal and when we moved to pennsylvania i worried about the snow.
but boy was that a change that i needed.
the snow, its like a small gift just for me.
from my Heavenly Father.
a reminder of peace for me. 
that He grants us peace that passes ALL understanding.
that He is with me through it all.

im learning to embrace change.
to learn from it.

being a mama has definitely effected my outlook on "change"
im seeing the joy that can come from it.
that it doesn't always mean bad.
even if, at first, its frightening.
that change is important. its needed.

i have heard the phrase
"through the eyes of a child"
it never really hit home until i had my own.

with this season of changes,
i am re-evaluating how i embrace changes.
i have come to the realization that i need to be more child-like.
in a lot of different aspects, but especially when it comes to change.

so here's to change and looking at things through the eyes of a child.