i have a need to document E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.
so, when we had four inches of snow overnight
AND ryan was off of work,
we had to go outside to play.
and i had to get the camera ready.
take pictures of eden in the snow.
daddy and her playing.
pictures of all of us...

and then i heard these words,
"oh you know your mommy.
has to take pictures of everything before we can actually play"
now you need to know,
Ryan was not trying to make me feel bad or intentionally hurt me.
but what he said was the truth.
the cold harsh truth.

and i needed to hear it.

i need to learn to put the camera down,
to enjoy these moments.
to be present.
of course i want these memories captured forever,
to not miss a perfect photo, to have these moments to reminisce over.
but better yet...
i want my children to have the memory of mama being present.
not just a camera in front of mama's face.

so you know what i did...
i took the camera back upstairs
and came back with a new perspective.

to play. 
and play we did.