nora. hebrew. light
jane. hebrew. God is gracious

our angel baby.

i know that many of you have been praying over us and nora.
we all hoped that there would be great news of a healthy baby.
instead we met the heart-ache of another loss.

thank you for the sweet texts, emails, phone calls.
the support and love we have received has been overwhelming.

im heart-broken. the lump in my throat, pain in my chest, tears that fall...
it just plain hurts.
im still processing it all.
i really believed that she was okay. that she was fine.

there are so many emotions right now, that its hard to find the words.
so for now i just leave you with this... sweet baby girl.

your big sister loves you. she loved to show you her toys, to rub mama's belly.

i know that God has a plan, i trust that.
i may not see or understand it, but i know that He will carry us through.

oh sweet nora, we love you so much. my heart aches that we weren't able to hold you. to see your sweet face. 

i take comfort knowing that you were never touched by sin or sadness. that you will never have to know rejection, pain or suffering. i can rest knowing that are in the arms of our Heavenly Father. that you are truly perfect and whole. 

give your brother a hug. tell him we miss him. 
give your aunt, great-mimi and great-grandpa a hug. 
they've all been waiting for you.

i love you baby. i always will. i will see you again. your mama loves you. 

sweet nora jane, your mama loves you.


  1. Oh my dear friend. I send nothing but peace and love to you and your beautiful family. Your sweet angel will forever be in your hearts. I hope soon you can find comfort through your tears and know that she is resting peacefully in the arms of the Lord.

    Sending Love and Hugs to you.
    Kelly xoxo