so we haven't been super diligent with the ec [read previous post here]

however we have noticed a huge difference with eden and her communicating!
the whole point of ec'ing!

ryan has started asking her to open the door to the playroom
[where we do diaper changes]
then turn on the light-switch.
and then the reverse when they leave the room.
its so adorable. she loves it!
*i think its that consistency she likes!*

she now will sign to us when she is going potty.
its so sweet.
she shakes her hand from side to side, signing the word potty.
she even will sign "poop" and says "pphu"

i have been on the search for a potty
(we were using the ikea green potty, but it seems too small for her and she does not like sitting on it!)
and some ec'ing pants (super cute ones on etsy!)
but have decided that throughout the holiday season,
we will just communicate with her.

for us that means:
-no sitting on the potty, unless she goes to it.
-simply asking her when she is going potty.
-acknowledge when she lets us know she is going.
-following her down the hall when she wants a diaper change.
-enjoying the season without the worry of missing a pee or poo on the floor!

for you fellow mamas out there:
what potty do you use/like?
pants you use?
any tips you have that you just have to share??