Sometimes life hits you.

It hits hard and fast. You feel like your tossed and turned and then slammed into a brick wall only to be run over by a train.

Yes. Life is hard.

When these moments hit me,
I tend to get overwhelmed and irritable.
say things I don't mean.

Lately I've been trying to be more aware of how I respond.
to the things I have no control over.
because if I'm honest... The only thing I can control is how I react.

Most of the time when I ignore how I am feeling, things blow up.

I'm working on getting better at realizing when I'm stressed and need a time-out.

I used to think that made me weak.
that it showed I couldn't cope.
that i can't handle life.

But that's where I was wrong.

It takes strength to admit you need a time-out.
a break. it takes strength to actually do it.

my family has been awesome at helping me in those moments.

taking Eden for an hour or two, so I can take a shower.
a nap. a walk. or just to sit in my room. alone.

a couple weeks ago, Ryan had flowers and a book in our room with strict instructions that I was to stay in that room and he would watch Eden until she needed to eat. I got four hours of relaxing and a much needed nap.

that spoke to me.
while it was sweet and thoughtful of him, it made me realize that he saw a need.

a need that I didn't recognize. that I was afraid to admit I needed space.

that I needed alone time.

I don't do well with alone. Ask any of my family.
We are known for our frequent bathroom talks, to bombard eachother while someone is taking a shower.
(most of the time it's me coming in!)

I felt guilty that I needed space from Eden.
that it somehow made me a bad mom.
A bad person.

And that's when it hit me. Sitting in our room alone...

Other mama's warned me, but I didn't believe them.

"take time for you" they said.

How could I not want to have Eden with me all the time?
Who doesn't want to be around there child 24/7?

Well, it's true. You need time for you.

How can you take care of everyone else if you neglect yourself?

I stay at home. I still exclusively nurse Eden. I run our family.
I take care of a little human! That takes a lot more out of you than you think.

Its like your bank account:
if I'm not putting money in, I'm going to eventually run out... Right? Same concept.

so i encourage you. take time for you.
whether that's an uninterrupted shower.
reading a book. a cup of tea, or hot chocolate this season.
a nap. a walk by yourself...

invest in you.
trust me... everyone will thank you for it!



  1. LOVE this post! I really needed to hear it. I'm so glad you shared it, Kate. Thank you.

    1. I am so glad that it spoke to you. that is my hope through this blog... :)

  2. Again you are helping me. I have been feeling those exact things. Guilty for not wanting to be around my son, guilty that I need to pass him off at times. Guilty that he sometimes gets a bottle, even if it is breast milk.

    I know I need to take care of me. Trying to remember that is the hard part. Doing it is even harder.

    1. angela,

      i am sorry i just saw this comment!
      i am so glad i can help. :) it is hard to take care of yourself. little steps, one thing at a time. it will become second nature... at least thats what i am told.

      please feel free to email me if you need some support and need someone to talk to. :)