i mentioned in an earlier post about elimination communication [ec-ing].
and that we are jumping on that train...

here is a little update as of 11/10/12:

elimination communication is NOT potty training.
it is being aware of her cues. watching and listening to what she is telling me.

[i promise i will give you an accurate definition once i get to finish reading the book! for now, if your dying to know more... google is your friend]

at first when i heard about this potty business, i was all on board.
ryan was a little weary.

until i explained that we would not have to be changing diapers and washing them all the time!

i tried to get as much information from other mamas as i could. 
i joined a facebook page, read blogs, and got the basic idea down in my head. 
i bought a potty. and then...
i didn't do anything else.

once we moved to pennsylvania, i thought she might be too old to start. 
most parents start from birth or at a couple of months old.
i was talking myself out of it...
until a couple days ago.

after numerous photos of other instagramer mama's...
watching my facebook feed of fellow ec-ers..
i was determined! 

her potty has been in her playroom. 
all green and cute.
i finally said to myself...
order the books. ask questions. lets get this show on the road.

well, it had been a while since a wet diaper.

i took the potty in the bathroom with me and eden. 
i placed her potty in the tub.
i put eden on the potty.
i got on my potty. 
mama pee-peed.

just looked at me. [like really mama? you crazy!]

i remembered that lots of mama's said, don't force it. just introduce it.

so i didn't think much of it...


a couple days later, 
julie was in the bathroom, fixing her hair. 
eden was playing in the bathroom with her.

julie, "ummm...eden's putting her potty in the tub????"

i was in the kitchen. i dropped everything and ran. 
screaming, "SHE HAS TO PEE!!!"
knowing full well, it was probably a fluke, but hey a girl can dream right?

so i rip of eden's pants and diaper and plop her on the potty.

mom and ryan come down the hall and peek in the doorway,
all of us watching in anticipation. 

[im sure all of them thought i was losing my mind]

well she stood up off of her potty...

to say i was thrilled was an understatement.
there might even have been tears... 

eden is one. 
and she is using a potty! 
crazy, right?!

to those who might say its a fluke...
she did it AGAIN while it was just me and her at home.

and now to those who say im kidding myself:

ryan and eden were on the bed playing. 
eden did the sign for poop and proceeded to push daddy off the bed.
ryan took her to the bathroom
she peed!

[ please spare me. i know she signed poop, but to me it counts...
come on she's just one ;) ]

now we are early on in this journey and haven't "caught" other pees. [not even trying for poo's yet]

but to you mama's out there who are interested... stay tuned. start researching.
and to those who think its too late to start... your not!

so... say it with me
one day at a time. 
one pee at a time.