while there are many posts out there of what to be grateful.thankful for today...
im deciding to go in a different route [not that i don't have anything to be not thankful for! email me and i will send you a list!]

hang on because this will make your head spin... i apologize in advance...

yes. thanksgiving is a wonderful day. it usually consists of family, friends, a list of to-dos, food, lots of turkey and pie, and if your at my house... football.

while these are amazing things, you are also reminded of the many blessings that you have.

you are nicer and kinder to people around you. you see things in a different light.

you are grateful for burning the pie, because hey! at least you have a working oven, electric/gas to heat your oven, ingredients to make your pie, and family around to cook for.

and while yes, these are amazing blessings,
what hits me square between the eyes...every thanksgiving... is...

why in the world do we see these blessings just this one day?
maybe a couple days through-out the year, if you are honest with yourself...

can you imagine if everyday were thanksgiving?

if we...
extended kindness and love to everyone around us.
gave the benefit of the doubt to those we might not always allow that grace?
really enjoyed being around loved ones?
remembered all the things we are grateful and thankful for?
[and yes, pigged out on yummy food all day long...]

why don't we?
life gets hectic and crazy.
we get back into the everyday hum-drum.
our focus gets drawn to other priorities.

i am making a challenge, for myself, and you are more than welcome to join along.

i am going to start writing down, everyday, at least one thing that i am grateful.thankful for.

it opens my eyes to the many blessings that i miss out on or don't see.
it becomes a way of life for me. to be graceful.patient to those around me.
i will be an example to my children of what true gratitude and joy in the everyday is like.

with that said, i know that...
there will be times it is difficult for me to see the blessing.
that i will not become the nicest girl on the block.
that i will not be perfect in this quest for graceful.joyous living.

now... while i am blessed beyond words, and could go on and on about how thankful i am for my family, friends, and food... 

i am going to leave you to your turkey and pie...
and go enjoy my many blessings!

here are some photos from last thanksgiving in Florida... eden was just a month old!