** this was a couple months ago, and i decided to share it tonight.**

setting the scene:

daddy is getting tv shows organized.
mimi is making her dinner.
aunt julie waxing mama's eyebrows...

and Eden in the recliner with the dog.

next: eden following/falling after the dog who jumped right off the recliner chair onto the hardwood floor. 

the only one who saw anything was mama...

I opened my eyes to a cheetah print diaper butt and feet disappearing over the side of the chair.

I screamed and ryan was there, scooping up eden before the cry came out.

We all ran over to her.

That heart in your throat feeling, can't breathe, shaking, tears threatening to spill down my face...

Ryan gave her to me, I nursed her while he placed an ice pack on her forehead. I couldn't stop staring at her, looking into her eyes...

begging her forgiveness for not being able to prevent that fall.
willing the fear in my eyes to disappear.
telling her how much i loved her and how sorry i was.

of course,

eden was perfectly fine,
other than a pretty nice sized goose-egg on her forehead!

Both Ryan and I felt terrible that she fell.
Like we should have known better.

Mimi did the right thing when we both needed it most.

She prayed.

She prayed for healing and protection over eden. Peace and comfort for us all. Reassurance for us, 
that we were not awful parents.

We are constantly trying to remind ourselves, we aren't perfect.
perfect people, perfect parents... sorry but they do not exist!

We take what we can from this situation and learn from it. grow from it.


what did we learn:

-no more eden on the chair without an adult.
-we are not perfect parents.
-to work together, even when we are scared and don't know what to do.

and most important:
eden will follow those dogs anywhere...
even over the arm of a chair, straight to the hardwood floor.

*update* she still follows those puppies anywhere.