***warning: we will be discussing bodily functions on this post. Mostly reguarding POOP***

we cloth diaper. It is something that I had little knowledge about before I got pregnant. I was under the impression it was just pins and cloths.

Little did I know there was a huge community and lots of cute "fluff" aka. diapers, out there.

Eden has had extremely sensitive skin from the day she was born, which is one of the many reasons we decided to use cloth!

We have used cloth diapers from the time Eden was around 2 months old.

While I will have more than a couple of posts on what we use, our routine, and what I've learned, currently I need to vent.

As much as I love our cloth diapers... I'm a little burnt out right now.

Eden has been breastfed exclusively now for the first year of her life. [another post coming up on that] with that said, her poop has been awesome! Little to no smell, and I can just launder without having to rinse the diapers before washing!

However, we have been experimenting with some baby food pouches when we are out at lunch or dinner with family. [mostly to keep her occupied]
With that has come... STINKY CHUNKY BABY POOP.

Not only that, I have had to start stripping my diapers. --sounds naughty right?!--

Stripping is basically removing built up detergent in the diapers. Which takes a long process here in PA due to colder temps and not being able to "sun" them-- hang them outside to dry and sanitize-- [can you see why many posts on the topic of cloth diapering are needed??]

Thank you Storm Sandy!! For now you have made my work two-fold!

we currently live with my mom and sister. which pretty much makes our laundry room a revolving door. Then you add in the load of cloth diapers every other day... It can get a little overwhelming standing in that tiny room and constantly moving clothes around...

While we are currently adjusting our routine, searching for methods of how to deal with stripping ;) and the new adventure of ec'ing [elimination communication] this road could get bumpy...

But I'll tell you one thing.

It's all worth it.

Even in my venting and emotional state right now, I know the importance and impact cloth diapering has had on our family.

Our finances are happier. Our daughters bottom is happier- no more icky rashes- and not to mention, her hieney sure does look cute don't you think??