the christmas season.
i love it. it excites me.
the traditions.
the family time.
the love and joy.

ooh. makes me all tingly!

i have decided to write a
christmas list.
i will probably add more on...
but for now.
here it is.

activities. traditions. must-dos.
the schwartz family 2012 christmas list

- first snow pictures [check]
- get hand-made christmas ornament
- present for mail-man
- drink LOTS of hot-chocolate
- make reindeer food
- deliver baked goodie
- visit santa
- christmas eve pajamas
- christmas movie night
- go look at christmas lights. in pajamas. with hot chocolate
- make christmas cookies
- make jelly cakes
- live nativity
- library story time
- build a snowman
- advent christmas reading plan
- make an advent calendar
- put up christmas trees- TWO [check]
- hang up family stockings [check]
- elf the neighbors
- make paper snowflakes
- mail christmas cards BEFORE christmas
- sing lots of christmas songs
- find and hang mistletoe
- read jesus' birth story
- sweet roll christmas morning
- go to a christmas party
- paint toenails red
- donate a box of clothes and toys
- write a letter to someone special
- write santa a letter