ever since eden was born, we rarely do baths. she takes showers with us.

its one of my favorite times, even though she does get rather heavy.

she LOVES the water. she tries to eat it. she giggles. she smiles so big.
and she has since her first shower.

i remember...

from the first month, we blew dry her hair. she loved the blow dryer. her hair was crazy. we would blow it dry and she would giggle and then we would get a photo like this...
[almost 3 months old]

when she was about three months old. trying to get in-between all those rolls. making sure that all the baby lint had disappeared. her "necklace" of baby lint always was impressive.

then tonight, it hit me. again.
she's growing up.
she's no longer a newborn. she's almost a toddler.

she is thinning out. her five roll thighs are becoming just one roll thighs. those chubby cheeks are still a little chubby, but no longer hide the baby lint "necklace".

she has taken a few steps over the past few weeks, but on saturday at her party, she was teetering around everywhere. [photo filled post to come, once ryan gets home and helps me transfer the ba-zillion photos!]

yesterday, she walked across our bedroom. and i barely caught it!

giving her a shower tonight, i just held her.
cherished that moment. tried to burn it into my mind.

how she smelled. how big she's grown.
how she still tries to catch the water.
how she grips on to me when the water splashes her face.

the joy she has in the simple act of a shower.

of course, i don't have photos of her shower times, but i did find some a couple of her getting a bath with her mimi. and then snuggling with mommy with still damp hair.

we haven't used the blow dryer in a while... but with colder temps we just might bring it back!

to those of you who are wondering, we were spared with storm sandy. thank God. just got really cold temps and rain... still raining. no loss of power.

ryan is scheduled to come home tomorrow, yeah! please pray for safe travel for him and the other guys who got sent out as well!