* warning... picture heavy post**

In one week I will have a one year old.

Yes, a one year old.

Time has flown, she has grown...
(forgive the rhyming)

I have changed. In ways I never thought.

I took care of children for a living. A helped raise them. I watched them grow and learn. I thought it would prepare me completely for having my own children. While it has helped, nothing prepared me for this love.

A mama's love.

My baby girl,

it's... so raw. overwhelming. indescribable. all-consuming. breath-taking.


I can remember holding you the first time. looking into your eyes. inhaling your sweet smell. nursing you in the twilight of early morning. looking over at your daddy on the pullout chair in the hospital, sleeping, while you snuggled with me in bed. watching your daddy hold you. love you.

I pray those memories stay fresh and clear in my mind.

I've watched you grow into a vibrant healthy baby, with tons of personality!

I'm struggling with your daily growth of your own independence, but I am beyond blessed to be your mama.

You challenge me. You make me a better me, not just a better mama.

Thank you baby girl.

While I could go on and on, turn into a blubbering random mess... I will spare you.

i give you the pre-baby holding mama.

so here we go, down memory lane...