this is a response to this post: Umi's Story Project Baby Bilum
its a little all over the place, so bear with me :)

one of the blogs that i follow and am challenged by is the mommyhood memos.

Adriel is an amazing woman. she is also a mother. her heart for people is one that inspires me.

after reading the story of Umi and her village, God prompted me IMMEDIATELY to not only email Adriel, but to act.

how many times have i prayed over the past days, weeks, and months for God to use me? for Him to give me wisdom on what i am suppost to do in this new chapter of life? it has been a familiar prayer i have prayed, especially as of late.

there are quite a few things i am seeing come together and doors being opened, and this, my friends, is one of them.

for those who don't know, this week is baby-wearing week.

is it a coincidence that this need was brought to my attention this week? i think not!

baby-wearing is a fabulous thing!
-i can nurse eden just about anywhere & most people have no idea what i am doing!
-i can get stuff done around the house.
-when we go out, i dont need a stroller.
-if she is sleeping in the car, when i get her out and put her in the sling, most times she stays asleep.
-it promotes emotional, mental, and physical development, decreases stress hormones in both baby and mama (or person wearing baby)... i could go on and on...

here are a couple of links with more "scientific" reasons!
--la leche league international
--boba family
--the babywearer

ok... so now that i have shown you some info on baby wearing and a little of my personal opinions on them (dont worry, i will have a post soon devoted to soley my ring sling... and other carriers)

its time for action.

ring slings.

the village of Bamio--500 people-- has many mama's who need our support. they need our prayers. our love. they also need change.

Christmas is coming up and this will be Eden's second Christmas. This is the Christmas where she will have somewhat of an idea of whats going on. I have dreamt of her opening presents. her big blue eyes in amazement at the lights. I have dreamt of what I can surprise Ryan with this year. i get all warm and fuzzy thinking of what new goodies are out there... then i come across moments like now.

i love giving... my time. gifts. love. hugs. encouragement. hope.

i think about those early days, and even now, where my ring sling has given me so much. it has allowed me to be a better mama, closer to my baby. it has allowed me to give the amazing nourishment of food for my daughter wherever we might be, without me having to stop what i am doing. it has been a luxury to me. one that i have taken for granted.

i believe that ring slings have the ability to CHANGE lives.

to make an IMPACT on the village of Bamio.

Ryan and I do not have a lot of extra money. honestly, we dont have much money, period. but i know the impact of what one ring sling can do for a mama. for a baby. for a family.

i would love to send tons of slings there right this instant, but i can't. i start to beat myself up of where we are financially, why can't we have just a little extra money to do these things? and then i start feeling guilty for all the things that i have myself, when these people have little to nothing! my heart breaks.

then God reminded me of the story The Widow's Offering (mark 12:41-43). The widow gave all that she had. she gave with a giver's heart.

i believe that when you give with love and the right heart, it doesn't matter the quantity. i am not going to let my pride get in the way that i can only send one sling.  that one sling, might be the one that gives hope to a mama that her baby will thrive.

i wanted to share this with you readers, friends and family. please be in prayer for the village of Bamio. for Umi. for the project of baby bilum.

if you choose to be a part of this need, please feel free to email me.



  1. I have been out of town (still am) but just wanted to tell you that this is beautiful sweet friend

  2. Love it Kate! Your gift is precious and significant. I can't wait to receive it, and hope that I might get to be the one to deliver it to Bamio myself. :)
    Much love.
    adriel xx