*warning: this is a rant!*

i am watching a show on bravo about pregnancy and getting ready for baby...
i am sick. mad. angry. sad.

sick- this this woman is so judgmental of ones parenting choices.
mad- that she has no problem telling parents that they are raising their children, going about pregnancy, birth and post-partum all wrong.
angry- that she has tunnel vision and that any one who makes choices outside of her "perfect parenting" is a lunatic
sad- that our society agrees, supports and gives this woman a show!

(** i know that probably deep down she wants to help mothers but i can tell you from a mother sitting watching at home... she is going about it all the wrong way, in my opinion)

we have chosen to parent in a way that is very different from mainstream. does that mean that other parents are doing it wrong... NO! are we doing it wrong... NO!

all it means is that ryan and i have chosen to do what is right for our family!

same thing that happened with Eden's birth and pregnancy... i did not and still wont judge other mama's choices!

it was my choice to have an unmedicated birth, keep her in the room with me, and breast feed on demand... MY CHOICE. MY RIGHT. i did what i thought and KNOW is best for me and my family.

i will say again like i have said many times before: I DO NOT JUDGE OTHER MAMA'S CHOICES!


no wonder our society doesn't have a more cohesive and understanding of one another. we glorify those who belittle and tear each other apart!

am i nieve to think that if mamas (and daddies) could just embrace and encourage each other, regardless of their personal choices, that parenting would be a much more enjoyable experience??

think about all the arguments and judgements that could be avoided. how empowered mamas would feel. how supported mamas would be.

i challenge all mamas... whether you:
have an all natural unmedicated birth, home birth, epidural, c-section, breastfeed, bottle feed, breast milk or formula, pump, nurse at home, in public, baby wear, feed solids at six months, baby led solids, disposable diaper, cloth diaper, practice elimination communication, have a nanny, no nanny, watch tv, no tv, co-sleep, bed share, baby own room, cry it out, vaccinate, no vaccinate, alternate schedule, organic food, fast food, medicate, natural alternatives... the list goes on...

that you support and encourage mamas around you, regardless of your personal choice! know that all mamas are doing what THEY feel is BEST for THEIR family and thats how it should be. if mama's aren't comfortable doing something that you do or think they should be doing, take a step back and remind yourself: they are doing what works for their family.

each child is different... we can all agree... why can't we agree that all families are different?

this is my dream. to encourage and empower parents, not belittle them!

call me a dreamer of the impossible, but i pray for the day for this to be true.

*end rant... for now*

**disclaimer: i believe that the choices you make should be INFORMED ones... whether you do research, ask questions, read books... above all trust your gut!!**