now that things have sorta kinda settled down since moving, 
we are getting back into the groove of things. 

what better way to start than with a baptism! 
at seven months and 3 days old,
May 27, 2012 Eden Elizabeth Schwartz was baptized.

we all know how much i love sentimental things, 
so the church she was baptized in has a very special place in our family history. 

Lutheran Church of Our Saviour in North Huntingdon, PA
  • the church where both of my grandparents attended and were members of while living in Pennsylvania. 
  • the church where my parents met, fell in love and got married in.
  • the church where my maternal grandfather still attends 
  • and my maternal grandmother's life was celebrated when she passed in February of 2012. 

It was also Pentecost Sunday, which was also the Sunday that Ryan and I got married almost 6 years ago. (unbeknownst to us until after the ceremony!)

And one year ago, to the date, is when our family was rocked with the news 
that my Mimi had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. 

So, when I woke up this morning I was overwhelmed 
with the love and support that we received from family and friends 
who came to the church to be a part of our daughters special day. 

These friends, who might as well be family, were all dealing with their own grief of losing a wife, mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, and friend just a few months ago.

My Mimi was the glue that held all of us together,
I believe that it was because of her and her testimony to who she was,
 that we had the support and love we had today. 

Walking into the church to see almost twenty people on behalf of Eden was overwhelming. Ryan and I have longed for this sense of "home" and "belonging" and it was evident that this is where God has called us.

while we, personally, are not lutheran and have different beliefs of baptism 
(its up to her and her choice to make), 
it is and will always be a special moment in Eden's life, as well as our own.

To make this even just more sentimental, while in the moving process we found Ryan's baptism program and saw that Ryan was baptized in the Lutheran Church! I had always known I was baptized in the Lutheran Church, so this was just another little family gem! 

here is the video of her baptism. 
another special moment that none of us were aware of...
My grandfather was the "official church representative" who welcomed her into the family and body of Christ. He is the one who lighted her baptism candle. 

we have prayed for her and over her since before she was even conceived. 
our desire for her was that she would love the Lord with all her mind, soul and spirit.
that she would have wisdom beyond understanding. 
that she would be a joy and "delight" (the meaning of her name) to all she comes in contact with.
that she is an example to others, and uses her gifts and talents for the glory of God.
that she finds the blessings and silver linings in all things, good or bad.
there are so many specific things we have prayed over her, 
and these were just a few.

Eden is God's child, just like all children, 
and it is our job to direct her, teach her, discipline her, 
and love her according to God's guidelines and authority. 
we are honored that God chose us to be her parents.
please continue to pray for Ryan and I. 
That we have wisdom, patience, understanding, love, 
joy, peace, discernment, mercy, and grace while on this journey.

Ryan, Aunt Julie, Me and Eden.

thank you to those who have spent countless hours praying over our daughter. 
thank you to those who continue to pray for her.
thank you to those who love her unconditionally.
thank you to the family and friends that came to witness her baptism.
thank you to the family and friends who could not be with us in person but were there in spirit. 
thank you Mimi, for legacy you created for our family.