Blessing #1:

I had begun working in a church nursery last year around this time. When I started working in the nursery, the people there were so kind and welcoming it was hard to believe I was getting paid to do something I love as well as be loved by all these people. Every Sunday and Wednesday, someone would bless me with what they would say, even if it was something as simple as a thank you. Ryan and I hadn't found a home church in the four and a half years we were married and moved to South Dallas. (this is for a totally different post later on!!) We both felt like we were finally home when we would walk in the doors. I ended up having to quit the nursery for health reasons then we found out I was pregnant and with my first trimester being so difficult, I could barely get out of bed, we was decided my "season" was over, and that it was time to JUST attend church.

I went on a woman's retreat, which was my very first, and it was there the beans were spilt! I was expecting a baby! These ladies surrounded me and loved on me. I shared my excitements and fears and each one of them made me feel like I was talking with family. Since then we have gone every Sunday, that we were in town and not working, and have felt overwhelmed with the friends, love and family we have added!

There are many experiences I could share over the past year, but one that happened this past Sunday was so unexpected it fit in this post.

Our church has a new family that has entered in. They are the associate pastor, his wife and little baby girl. They haven't been here very long but have made an incredible impact on us all. Last sunday, she approached me and said that she had some baby clothes and that I was welcome to take them, if I didn't like them it was no problem and I could donate them how I saw fit. I immediately told her, I won't say no! :) she then proceeded to give me two huge trash bags full of clothes as well as a gently used Boppy nursing pillow. (a wonderful thing for nursing mommies!!) to say I was overwhelmed was an understatement. I said thank you and we left to go home.

Later than afternoon I tackled the bags...
There were sizes from newborn to 12 month old clothes! shoes! dresses! bibs! ALL of it in barely used condition!! Some things even had tags! I was shocked! Not to say I was expecting holed, dirty clothes, but to have all this clothing that was basically brand new just handed to us.... I was speechless. God knows how many times I have cried out at night, how is this all going to work? Can we really do this? He just continues to show Himself through and through. I immediately emailed her my gratitude and I don't think she will ever understand the blessing she gave and the blessing that her and her family are! Talk about a wonderful blessing!!

Blessing #2

We have lived in the same house since 2008... we occasionally wave hello to our neighbors next door. She is usually outside watering and knows that we are pregnant and that its a little girl. she always asks when she sees me or ryan, "how you/she doing?" we talk for a couple minutes and then inside we go. 

today, i open the garage and start to get in my car and i hear, "Wait!! Hang on!" i turn and see our neighbor standing in our driveway. I walk out and she begins to tell me how she has talked with some of the other neighbors and that if we weren't busy the next weekend that they wanted to have a baby shower for us....

I immediately start to cry and hug this woman, who I honestly can't tell you her first name. I feel so guilty that not only do I not remember her name, but that we have never even met our other neighbors. I tell her, "Its ok. You don't have to. We don't even know the other neighbors. But thank you, you are so very kind!" She quickly tells me, "sweetie! We want to do this! None of the neighbors even knew that you were pregnant! This is also a good excuse for us all to get to know each other. Don't feel bad, it's not just you that doesn't know anyone. This will help get the neighbors together!"

She even went on to tell me that one of the other women on the street made mention of "what if she needs help and her husbands not home?!? this way she can know we are here if she needs anything." 

Tears again. 

I tell her thank you and that we are so blessed to have them as neighbors and how much that means that they would take the time and that they care about us to do this. She then tells me, "And I am so sorry. Your husband always tells me your name when we talk, but when you get older names seem to just not stick!" I quickly tell her my name, Ryan's and baby Eden, and then tell her the same thing, that I am so sorry I don't remember yours. She quickly tells me not to worry and that this is another reason why we need this baby shower! She then tells me to write our names on a piece of paper and a yes or no, once I make sure that Ryan is off and next week works, and to stick it in her mailbox. I hug her again and say thank you and she tells me to go run my errands and how excited she is.

WOW. amazed. humbled. grateful. loved. blessed. overwhelmed. 
all these emotions and more are coursing through my veins while I call Ryan and tell him what just happened. 

I am still soaking all of this in. With Eden's expect arrival less than two months away, everything seems so surreal. The blessings that continue to come and the days where I feel so very loved and comforted despite of the unknowns ahead seem to get more frequent.

My mother-in-law, who I am so grateful to have and blessed to have a great relationship with, reminds me in the moments I start to freak out, "He promised us that He will meet our daily needs. Kate, it says DAILY needs. Yes its good to plan, but remember that your DAILY needs will always be met." What wisdom this woman has! I have been so blessed to have such amazing God-fearing women in my life and that the two of them I am able to call Mom. I pray and hope that I will be this example to my daughter. 

So, while Ryan is at work tonight, I am going to just sit, relax, and enjoy the love that is surrounding me and my family. Well, I might eat a little chocolate too! 

I pray that each of you will have an unexpected blessing that will remind you that the Heavenly Father is holding you in His hand and loves you more than you can ever imagine.