I just got done watching The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian...

I love watching these movies because there are so many parallels to our relationship with Jesus. This being one that touched my heart today.

*spoiler if you haven't yet seen the movie*

[Caspian, Peter, Edmund, and Susan all kneel in front of Aslan] 
Aslan: Rise, kings and queens of Narnia. 
[Peter, Edmund, and Susan stand up, but Caspian stays on one knee] 
Aslan: All of you. 
Prince Caspian: I do not think I am ready. 
Aslan: It is for that very reason, that I know you are. 

There were a couple of scenes that caught me off guard with my spiritual walk but this one brought me to tears.

With our life right now, I have constantly told God "I don't think I'm ready. I don't know if I can handle this." Watching this, my spirit was pricked. I felt God tell me, 

"Of course you don't think your ready. I know that you are. I know this because you are wholeheartedly leaning on me. That's what I want for you. Would you have it any other way?"

I thought about this. No, I don't want it any other way. 

Isn't it so amazing that God cares that much? That He WANTS you to lean on Him. WANTS you to trust Him. WANTS you.

Isn't that what most people are searching for? unconditional love? acceptance? 

We already have that! We just have to open our eyes to it and accept it. 

I get to lean on the strongest pillar of strength, run into His arms for comfort when nothing else can calm my spirit, and rely fully on Him. How awesome is that?!?!

Oh the things that can be learning and brought to your remembrance when you watch a children's movie!