Sometimes in life we get so ahead of ourselves that we forget about the little BIG things in life.

little BIG things?? --this is my wording for the character defining moments in your life that you seemingly look over.

This past weekend, Ryan and I went grocery shopping. Big surprise! Well, while we were at our second store, Walmart, to pick up the remainder of our list, I headed over to the bread section for english muffins.

--side note: PREGNANCY BRAIN MOMENT : Ryan asked what was next on the list, and it was like I couldn't even formulate a syllable! All I could do was point to the bread section and start stuttering, "abb... ehh... those...mmm... things...aaahh...eeeehh.." all the while Ryan looked at me like I was baby trying to spit out my first word. So between laughing and pointing we made it to the bread section and I finally spit out "ENGLISH MUFFINS!" Ryan says Eden will be super smart with all these brain cells she seems to be stealing from mommy!--

Ok back to the english muffins. As many of you know, the task of finding just good ole' plain regular english muffins has become a special mission, with all the different varieties: cinnamon, cinnamon raisin, no fat, 1/2 fat, no carbs, whole wheat, no wheat, pickled... ok maybe not pickled but come on. would you be that surprised with a pregnant woman writing this??

Well... there was this older man who was standing in front of the bagel/english muffin selection, who was looking rather intently for his choice. I needed to get in front of him to grab the english muffins, so I said, "Excuse me. I'm sorry." -- yes I apologize for just about everything... have done it since I was a child... need to work on that!!--- and the gentleman replied, "Don't apologize. It's a sign of weakness, you've done nothing wrong." Taken back a little by an actual response from someone in the grocery store other than a grunt or inconvenienced look, I said, "Oh, well thank you."

I turned to see he was still looking for his selection and asked, "What are you looking for?"

"Thomas Everything Bagels. They have just about everything but what I want."

I remembered that in my stuttering pregnancy brain moment, I was looking at the display case of some bagels, muffins and bread... so I told the man, "Hang on, stay right there!" and took the 10-15 steps to the case and sure enough! Thomas Everything Bagels! He had followed me and Ryan wasn't but a couple steps behind him, and I turned and said, "Here you go!"

He looked surprised and said, "Thank you!" He turned to Ryan and said, "You have a lovely daughter, (wink) want to trade?" I was flattered by his comment. (come on, im pregnant!) He stood beside me and put his arm on my shoulder and said "Thank you! Now I can go home!"

I said, "You are quite welcome!" Of course with a HUGE smile! He then turned as I started walking away and said, "You have the prettiest dimples I have ever seen. Have a good day!"

Again, so flattered, "Thank you. You too!"

Ryan and I continued walking and I seriously had little tears in my eyes at the kindness of this man. I tell Ryan, "See? that is what life is. Interacting with others. What can I do that I can do this on a daily basis?!?" "He seriously just made my whole pregnancy! So sweet." "What happened to our society that people won't take the time for someone else?" I continued to say similar statements while we are walking and Ryan then says,

"Kate. You probably just made his day as well as he made yours. He's probably surprised to see that there are still some young people out there who are courteous."

God, thank you for blessing me with Ryan.

This isn't a pat on my back post, its a reflection...

I want my children to see the importance of reaching out to someone no matter what the situation might be. Yes, helping an older man find the right bagels isn't headline news, but it did make a difference in not only his life but in mine. It reminded me of the person I was created to be. The heart for people that I have and the opportunities everyday that we have to be a light in someones life. I hope and pray that I never stop my children from helping others when God lays it on their heart to do so. I hope and pray, Ryan and I are a living example for them to see God's grace and light. While I know there will be times when I fail, I know that my God is a God who in all things are made in HIS GLORY. So that when I do mess up, my children will not falter from it. You never know who will be placed in your life, for a moment in time or a season, but know that it is for a purpose. One much greater than your own.