if you don't already know that I am pregnant, You have GOT to be living in solitary confinement!
Now there are some who are unaware of my stubborn, must be involved in everything streak...

Case and point yesterday afternoon... The 4th of July!

While we didn't watch fireworks, eat hot-dogs and sip on lemonade, we did battle the outrageous Texas heat! For those who are lucky enough to not live in Texas, let me give you an idea of just how hot it is here... THE SURFACE OF THE SUN! At least that's how it felt yesterday! I believe it was 103 degrees yesterday.

At about 5:05 my sweet sweet husband Ryan, came to pick me up from my mother's house after he got off work.
**My mom is still in Pennsylvania, but Julie (my sister) came home for the weekend, as did my Dad to visit!

Julie had gone through some of the cupboards and had some stuff to take back with her to college, including a rather LARGE TV. She had also gotten a lot of trash that we knew that we need to take out before we left and we asked Ryan to help. In the process of walking down the driveway, I notice that Ryan's front passenger side tire is COMPLETELY flat! Ryan says, "I'll just stop and put some air in it and get it fixed tomorrow." That is until he actually looked at the tire...

Let me just say that Ryan has the most awful luck with tires.

Well, we are in the driveway.. a SLANTED driveway, and all of our cars have baking in the sun, so all the jacks are steaming hot! I go inside to cool down and come back out to see Julie and Ryan on the concrete, sweating out every pore, while Ryan is just attempting to loosen the bolts. Quite comical if you ask me!

Ryan and Julie proceed to get the bolts off and NONE of us think... "HEY! we should move the car to a FLAT surface!" We have the water hose on mist, all of us sweating, and all of the sudden in the middle of cranking the jack... BAM! the jack falls, as does the car and ryan's tire. Needless to say there were words little Eden will NOT be repeating! :)

It is then we all say... "OH, we should have probably moved the car!" So between the squelching heat, sweat dripping everywhere, and rusted equipment, we have to somehow get the car back up, put the tire back on, quickly tighten the bolts, get it out of the driveway and onto the street... Simple right?!?

Well, Ryan is pushing the back of the car so the jack won't flip over again, Julie is holding the tire, because if I were to hold it and it fall... well my tummy doesn't provide THAT much cushion for Eden! so I got the privilege of cranking the jack... :) I have a pillow under my butt and Eden decides now is the time to play trampoline on mommies bladder... not to mention that dang sun is beating on our heads and backs... no shade and very minimal breeze..

I am NOT a car person.. it makes a funny noise and i tell Ryan... i can pump gas and "help" change the brakes and oil.... so im not the quickest when it comes to cranking. Poor Julie and Ryan are trying so hard not to say, "kate just move over". Well we FINALLY get the car up and bolts on and tightened, and its time to un-crank the jack. I could have moved over, but NO! I CAN DO IT!

**There is a small part of me that I need these small, somewhat insignificant, challenges to help mold me into a better version of me. And these small accomplishments tremendously boost my minimal self-confidence! **

Well, needless to say I'm struggling and very hot and Ryan says, "Kate go inside".

"No. I can do it!"-Kate

"You know she HAS to be a part of everything" -Julie

"KATE! GET INSIDE!! You're cooking my daughter!!!"- Ryan

Brief moment of silence... Complete belly laughter from us all! It was hilarious! Whether from the heat, the situation, or just Ryan's ability to say the right thing at the right time it was priceless!

After the laughter died down, Julie said, "Kate if you really want to help, please go get us some water."

THAT I CAN DO... well that is until i walk inside and the TV is blocking the cup cabinet... seriously!?! i start laughing all over again and use my creative streak to come up with an alternative...
I walk outside with two rather large tupperware containers with ice water and straws and yell from the garage, "You will laugh yet again!"

Both turn to look and BUST out laughing again!

Needless to say, Ryan's tire is now fixed, we have re-hydrated, and have some wonderful family memories!

Oh Eden, You are part of a very special family! :)

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  1. Yes ma'am! That was a great day, if I do say so myself!