We got the wonderful opportunity to visit Kate's family in Pensacola for a week!

We got to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary with family,
honestly something that is so special to us both.

Our first day consisted of the beach... BEAUTIFUL.
It is easy to forget how easily you can burn
after YEARS of not being in the sun
donning a bathing suit floating in the ocean...
4 hours later, and a quick nap on the beach in the hot sun for Ryan
(poor guy fell asleep in the chair waiting for us to float by and join us...)
we both had a definite "kiss from the sun".

The rest of the week included much relaxation, daily morning breakfast,
eating lots of fruits & veggies, nightly walks, beach and pool visits,
lots of chocolate and sweets, ice cream pie (YUM), more food, eating out,
family history discussions, lots of laughs, grandma knitting, Dr. Oz, and
much needed family time!! We couldn't have asked for a better trip!

Not only did we get to spend lots of time with Grandma and Aunt Fred, but got to
see Uncle Blair and Aunt Wendy right before they left the day after we got there.
Such a treat!