I am sure you have heard the phrase... "biting off more than you can chew"...
well i have taken one major enormous bite.

For those who aren't familiar with my incessant need to photograph EVERYTHING, it has gotten completely out of hand.
I am quite sure it will only get worse when Eden gets here.

I have given myself quite a crazy check-list to complete before her arrival,
assuming she will be on time and not a moment earlier!

One of the many many things on that check-list:

Seems pretty simple right?
NO! I would even venture to a HECK NO!
Just a glimpse into my daunting task ahead...

1200 photos from our vacation to Kauai in 2009.
I have spent over 10 hours organizing, separating, arranging, and cropping these twelve hundred photos into a shutterfly photo-book.
(yes i think it necessary to type out how many photos i have of just ONE TRIP!)
I still have at least 3 hours left to finish this ONE BOOK!

Now, there are 6 years worth of vacations, family events, anniversaries, daily life, and holidays to complete going through on my computer and external hard-drive.
I would easily guesstimate there are close to SEVENTY THOUSAND photos to sift through on my electronic devices.

You might be wondering WHY i have only mentioned my computer photos. I would venture to say, in my mind it does NOT make the task of organizing ALL the loose photos i have floating around so overwhelming...
You can ask Ryan... there are WAY too many.

I know that in the end (if i can ever really get this task done) it will be worth it
and i can hopefully stay on top of all the documenting!

So please pray for me in the crazy task i would love to complete in the next 114 days....
yes we are that close to Eden's arrival!

and here is Ryan's first Father's Day!
It meant so much when we were at church, Pastor asked all the Daddies to stand.
Ryan remained seated next to me and i squeezed his hand, but he didn't move.
Yup, thats Ryan! :)
Pastor starts talking then glances over at Ryan and says...

"Ryan, stand up! Your a father too, even if you haven't gotten to hold her yet."

and went on speaking...

I don't think anyone will ever know how precious those words are to me.

Happy First Father's Day Ryan!!

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  1. I love you so much, Kate! and I am so ecstatic to have you and Ryan in my life!! I am so incredibly blessed and you are going to be the best parents ever!(except for ours!) I'm going to get onto you about organizing!! I love you and I cannot wait to see you this weekend!!